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CC-Interactive Group is working within lifecycle management solutions , ESG Reporing and IT outsourcing

We provide next-generation interactive solutions focused on Customer / Employee Engagement while remaining flexible and adaptable to the needs of an ever-changing world of global business.

We focus on the Moment of Truth

We develop the tools to help your team make each engagement better with an improved outcome for you and the customer.
We help you get the basics right – what to say, when to say it and how to record it for the future reference.

CC-Interactive Group focuses on:

  • Customer Lifecycle management – CRM systems
  • Employee Lifecycle management – ERM systems
  • Robotic Process Automation – RPA
  • Call Center Management and software
  • Employee Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey (Net Promoter Scoring)
  • ESG Reporting Solution – where we manage the entire ESG reporting flow from data selection to final report.
  • Outsourcing development within RPA, full stack and AI

Our Solutions

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Interaction Portal (CIP)

Looking for ways to increase operational Customer Experience? CIP is a modular solution that is focused on presenting the user with a 360-degree view of customer information using omnichannel input and an overall improvement of customer experience.

Employee Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey
(Net Promote Scoring)

  • Easy to use guide to setting up the survey
  • Multilevel Surveys
  • Let our AI solution automate the analytics and reporting
  • Our AI will group and do analysis of your free text
  • Identify Themes, Sentiments and Trends Presented in The Free-Form Data

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a breakthrough technology that enables computer systems to process rules-based or repetitive tasks in the same way as person does, freeing human capital to focus on more important business aims. The RPA concept allows you to bring your business to the next level, enhance its quality, economy and efficiency.

Employee Lifecycle 


Employee Engagement Made Easy

SmartPerformers is an employee centric HCM portal which covers a complete employee life cycle and creates one single overview of data and processes.

SmartPerformers boosts employee engagement and productivity by creating an online, multidevice, actionable overview combined with real practical recommendations and performance tracking.

Contact Center Manager

Contact Center Manager provides an effective and efficient communication with customers and prospects. It is tightly integrated with telephony platform solutions.

Who We Are

The Customer Experience Optimization Company

We are about operational improvement of Customer Interaction.

For the last 14 years, our company has been working in the field of Customer Experience management.

Through the use of a highly customizable suite of Customer Interaction Management modules, CC-Interactive is able to provide clients with the practical tools needed for attending to customers’ needs more accurately and with a higher chance of the customer-employee interaction being a success. The tools and the modules, together a flexible and highly innovative front-end solution, are the result of over 14 years of effort and tight cooperation with the BNP Paribas Group in Europe.

We are here to equip you and your team with the right set of digital tools for the delivery of the best Customer Experience there is – and we do it on time and on budget – we have a decade track record to prove it!

  • 14 years of experience in the Customer Engagement field
  • Over 10,000 users operating CCI system on a daily basis
  • Leveraging expertise from one of the biggest banks in Europe
  • Flexible and efficient delivery
  • Continuous development and improvement

Want to find out more about CC-Interactive Solutions? Please contact us!

CC-Interactive solutions equip you to:

  • Make smart, real-time behavior and data-driven offers based on real time input
  • Further your sales productivity and maximize your market share by improving quality as well as amount of time spent on each engagement and effective cross-selling/up-selling activities
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by leading more meaningful customer interactions
  • Enable relevant conversations by providing your team with the correct and relevant information for the interactions with customer
  • Make an operational and customer satisfaction difference in a very short time frame by using your data in an intelligent way
  • Measure your success in relevant statistics and to push for continuous improvement in the process
  • Empower your team by strengthening training and results review process