Employee Engagement Made Easy

SmartPerformers is an employee centric HCM portal which covers a complete employee life cycle and creates one single overview of data and processes.

SmartPerformers boosts employee engagement and productivity by creating an online, multidevice, actionable overview combined with real practical recommendations and performance tracking.

Selected benefits from a SmartPerformers implementation:

  • One Dashboard Overview of all processes
  • Increased Employee Motivation due to an individual life cycle management
  • Lower HR cost per employee due to more transparency and more effective HR handling
  • Employee centric approach means relevance and actual usage of the solution
  • Capitalize investments by re-using data and automize workflows
  • Complete Lifecycle,  SmartPerformers optimizes all aspects of the entire employee life cycle.
  • Employee involvement and gamification means increased motivation and thus improved performance
  • Safe and easy – no GDPR data stored

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