Executive “one to many” Communication using Personalized Video Messages

Do you also struggle to provide the right communication to your staff during a crisis ? Have a look at our new solution to help with personalized Crisis communication. Cloudbased, No integration, Personalized selfie videos. Keep your Employees informed, engaged and motivated – also during the Corona Crisis.

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How it works

·Send personalized Videos to a selected target /organizational group;

·Select specific organizational target group – eg. All employees in one country or all employees in one specific department;

·Simply capture the videos as selfies on your mobile phone or on your PC, select receiver group, send & track ;

·Track who is actually watching the video to the end;

·Receive likes/dislikes and comments to engage your employees ;

·See statistical overview of number of views and likes/dislikes

Video Pep-Talks Flow

Use Cases

·Perfect for executive announcements;

·Sending a more personal message as a supplement to a written announcement;

·Team updates;

·Initiative launches;

·Meeting follow-ups;

·Training sharing as part of the Learning management initiatives.


·Easy cloud based Implementation – practically no involvement from your side;

·You extract an Active Directory file and send to us and we install the solution in a private cloud ( Azure) and you can start using it the next day;

·Each user receives a link to see the video


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Email : pep-talks@cc-interactive.com