Customer Interaction Portal

Customer Interaction PortalEdit

CIP is a modular solution that is focused on presenting the user with a 360-degree view of customer information using omnichannel input and an overall improvement of customer experience.


Interactive Performance ManagerEdit

IPM is a sophisticated solution for improving staff performance through self-coaching, individual sessions with a business coach, and training based on actual on-the-job performance.

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Interactive Sales AdvisorEdit

ISA is a sophisticated rules engine that presents sales staff with specific offers that are relevant to the customer during interactions. Suggestions are based on individual customer characteristics.

Interactive Dynamic Scripter

Interactive Dynamic ScripterEdit

Sophisticated module for scripting campaign text as well as interactions with customers. Works in just a few clicks and automatically provides next steps for the user to follow.


Interactive CalendarEdit

Interactive Calendar is a scheduling module for planning and tracking of staff activities and more time-efficient handling of inbound contacts. Organize your team’s time more effectively.


Interactive Compliance ManagerEdit

Interactive Compliance Manager ensures Compliance task monitoring on all levels and helps the user to follow the process through the whole customer lifecycle.


Contact Center ManagerEdit

Contact Center Manager provides an effective and efficient communication with customers and prospects. It is tightly integrated with telephony platform solutions.


Interactive SurveysEdit

Interactive Surveys is an effective marketing tool for studying target audiences through
surveys of varying complexities.

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Interested in more?Edit

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