If you wish to become a partner, please send a mail to partner@CC-Interactive .com

If you wish to become a partner, please send a mail to partner@CC-Interactive .com

Every solution from CC-Interactive begins with the customer. Customer-orientation and customer engagement is both in application architecture and in attitude to our clients.

We focus on accommodating full cycle of customer interaction and experience:

Sales support systems for increasing the efficiency of sales staff. Can be implemented both in B2C and B2B contexts wherever a call center is involved in active outbound selling.

  • Customer profile or company information always at fingertips
  • Crucial information intuitively organized for the moment of truth, when all attention is with the customer
  • Comparing ROI metrics across sales staff
  • Performance Manager for setting targets, meeting benchmarks, and monitoring sales dynamics

Call center operations support systems with call tracking, call recording, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs), click-to-dial functionality, and a ticket system for complaint processing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for differentiating profitable customers from non-profitable ones and building stronger ties with the customers that matter most.

Business Intelligence Systems wired for storing data, manipulating data, and accessing data to make competitor research, field research, and customer relations

Billing Engines for defining tariff calculation rules, calculating tariffs, and charging customers for calls (as in Telecom).

Logistics distribution systems meant for managing the distribution of small physical products that complement or enable the provision of services (for example, SIM cards)

Self Service Portals for Telecom industries and other fields, where customers require access to tools for checking balance, raising support tickets, refilling accounts with credit.

Mobile apps for reporting road incidents and logistics failures on the go.

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