Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar is a collaborative tool for every employee in the enterprise to use. Its main purpose is to aid with planning staff-staff and staff-customer meetings. The application has extremely powerful impact on intra-team efficiency, successfulness of staff meetings, knowledge sharing, post-meeting reporting activities, and effectiveness of selling tactics.

Key features:

• Book a meeting with anyone from any department (user roles apply)
• Planning of all meetings and phone calls
• Improved work ethic and time management within the team
• Tracking and scheduling of team members’ activities
• Custom alerts and notifications
• Appointment of a substitute when someone is away or unavailable to meet

Why Interactive Calendar

• Increase in intra-company efficiency due to more effective meeting booking
• Improved customer satisfaction since meetings are booked with the correct specialist
• Optimize daily planning by allowing other units to make relevant bookings
• In-built automatic reminders ensure that meetings are attended
• The time duration is always recorded inside the solution, so future meetings can be more time-efficient

Functionality Summary

Interactive Calendar minimizes unnecessary waiting time by allowing any staff member (call center workers, back office, front line or sales employees) to set up a meeting with the needed person in a few clicks.

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