Interactive Sales Advisor

Interactive Sales Advisor (ISA) is a sophisticated rules engine that presents sales staff with specific offers that are relevant to specific customer during interaction process. Suggestions are based on individual customer characteristics and customer input.
When customer contact happens, a set of relevant dynamic sales offers is presented to the sales staff based on customer input and their individual characteristics. As a result of additional selling opportunities, the module has dramatic impact on sales figures, staff efficiency, and customer perception of service quality.

Interactive Sales Advisor can simplify handling of many complex and interdependent services and thus enable front-line staff to increase up- and cross- selling.


• Increased revenue from cross- and up-sales
• Simple in operation – customized offers for a specific customer are just clicks away
• Creation of rules on the level of business administrator
• Relevant communication with the customer
• Easier and faster data processing
• Higher customer loyalty due to a higher-quality interaction experience

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