Interactive Surveys Manager

Interactive Surveys Manager (ISM) is an effective marketing tool for studying target audiences through surveys of varying complexities. Interactive Surveys Manager assesses customer satisfaction from existing products and services as well predicts future customer interest.

Why Surveys Manager

The module can also be used to better define customers’ needs and financial capabilities as well as solve marketing tasks. The module is normally used to gather information about existing and potential customers, conduct market research in preparing advertising campaigns, releases of new products, etc.

Interactive Surveys Manager allows the user to create a variety of interviews with answers quickly and with many types of questions. Questions can be: multiple choice, matrix questions, open-ended questions, and other.

ISM also allows the implementation of surveys with conditional transitions between questions. That is, depending on respondent’s input, the next question may be pre-set to be one or another.


      • Easy to use interface for survey creation (surveys can be created by business users)
      • The module is customer-centric in that it allows customers’ basic and extended information to be inspected from every angle
      • Lower cost per customer contact due to an easier, faster, and more relevant communication with the customer
      • Easier and faster survey processing
      • Higher customer loyalty thanks to offering relevant and correct services
      • Higher service quality levels as a result of more relevant and correct operational procedures
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